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Monday, June 30, 2008

LRBC FC Vs Tim The Ref's FC

A game of football was played in the hot midday sun on Saturday. The sun beat down and some good football was played by LRBC FC side that was featuring many new recruits (ringers) from its extensive network of contacts. The roll call of players that have featured in the LRBC FC line-up this season could almost read as a Chronicle!
An early goal was scored by Tim's team after some sloppy shape by LRBC FC - however scores were brought level with a spectacular goal from LRBC FC - a flip and volley.
A few goals were disallowed due to offside and the end result was LRBC FC 4-2 Tim's FC
2 yellow cards were issued in this game - not nice.
The next action is the annual LRBC FC 5-A-Side tournament at North Street School Leigh. A great half day of fun and football. Contact Jon Pickford if you want to be put in a team or enter your own. Details on the post below.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Upcoming Game - 28 June 2008

Hi Guys
We have another game coming up on the 28th June.  It is a Cupids again vs. Tim's Team.  The Kick Off is at 10am so please meet there at 9:15.  Please let me know if you can or cannot play ASAP.
We do not currently have a goal keeper so if anyone knows a good one then please let me know.  Otherwise the last one there is in goal!
Costs as usual.
Pay now 

Monday, June 16, 2008

LRBC 5-A-Side Tournament 2008

Why not enter a team into the LRBC 5-aside football tournament
A great morning of footy and fun.

Saturday 12th July 2008, 9.30am
North Street Junior School field, Pall Mall

If you would like to register as a team or be put in a team please contact one of the organisers:

Jon Pickford
07779 734075


Greg Taylor

Please find attached a poster for the 5-A-side Tournament.

The more supporters the better!