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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Alpha Course: Is there more to life than this?

Why not join us the next Alpha course?
Tuesday 26th September at 7.15pm - 9.30pm
and every following Tuesday until 5th December
a delicious free meal at every session.

Venue, Oasis The Coffee House,
189 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 1NN

Give us a call or an email to let us know you are interested 01702 478698 or by

What is an Alpha Course?
Simply put the Alpha Course is an opportunity for you to explore Christianity and faith at your own pace in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, it includes a short talk, discussion and a free meal.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ideas for the solitary Subbuteo player

Sometimes when you are bored random ideas come to mind. Please find above an idea to help a lonely Subbuteo player practice their shots on their own. Notice the cunning use of an egg cup and some sticky tape.

If anyone on of the LRBCFC (or indeed any other 'watchers') boys has any ideas on how to keep the goalie moving for longer, then add your thoughts to the comments on this post. You never know, maybe you idea will become employed! Cheers David E

Sunday, September 10, 2006

And the floods came in

The Mud Football tide came in. Only Alan C got a game. David E got stuck in the car park and Richard N got rugby tackled by his children. A bit of a wash out in the front.
However it was a great Leigh Regatta with thousands of people coming along and enjoying the sunshine. Let's hope next year we can get muddy and beat those scouts.
Cheers David E

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Old Leigh Regatta: Mud Football

Hi Guys - Anyone want to get really covered in Mud this weekend?
It's the Old Leigh Regatta this Sunday and the annual mud football contest returns. We have played in this before and come very close to being victors. This year we want to bring home the mud cup. Lets represent LRBC FC in this dirty comp.
The tournament starts at 12 noon on Sunday 10th September and you should meet at the beach at the end of Old Leigh. Please let me know by Friday 5pm if you can come so we know we can get a team together. We may even have two teams if we can get enough. You get really muddy, so don't wear your best stuff. Old football boots are good and shin pads very useful.
So let me know my replying to this email Yes or No by 5pm Friday 8th Sept. Feel free to invite friends and bring ringers.
Cheers David