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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thanks to Richard Newnham for 2006 photos

Richard has sent across a beautiful CD packed full of photos of our exploits this year in Manchester. Take a look and marvell at how Alex G manages to get his body into such positions. Thanks to our WAGS and Natalie T who cheered us on and took lots of the photos.

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So scroll down the side panel on the right and have a look at those marvelous photos that document our rise and fall this year... c'mon the lads! David.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Photo gallery added to side bar

It's taken a while but on the side bar if you scroll down are some photos from the NCFF 2004, 2005 and LRBC 5-A-Side Tournaments. I will be adding the NCFF 2006 photos when I get the memory card from Richard. So look out for this years photos coming soon.

If you click on the gallery description rather than the photos themselves you will be taken to a slideshow! Wow!

Cheers David E

PS Oh if anyone knows who the pig is featured in 2005 NCFF gallery please leave comments in the 'comments' section below.

National Christian Football Festival Results

Jon Pickford plays BUM with boys from LRBCSaturday
Redland 3 v 0 Leigh Rd
Loughborough 0 v 2 Leigh Rd (scorer: Graham Sexton)
Don Lakeside 0 v 1 Leigh Rd (scorer: ??)
Newbury 0 v 0 Leigh Rd
Loughborough 0 v 1 Leigh Rd (scorer: Phil Jones)
Don Lakeside 1 v 0 Leigh Rd

Redland 0 v 0 Leigh Rd (someone missed a penalty: Jon Pickford wrote this bit)
Newbury 1 v 0 Leigh Rd

Betel of Britain 1 v 0 Leigh Rd

We played so much better as a team this year with maybe the exception of the first and last games. Our calling and working off the ball was so much better and we benefited from this. A great time was had by all (I think!) We finished in our best ever position in the three years we have been taking part finishing in 11th place out of 20 teams. This beats 13th in 2005 and 11th in 2004 out of 16 teams.

Best of all we finished higher than Westcliff BC FC B Team! C'mon! Well done to Westcliff BC FC A who reached the final of the FA affiliated tournament but unfortunately lost on penalties after a 1-1 draw at the end of full time.

If anyone was interested in what the guys were saying from Ambassadors in Sport during the talks, why not investigate it by visiting the links to the right called sport or have chat with any of the guys from the church.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Church teams play twenty seven games of football in a morning on the hottest day of the year!

LRBC FC 5-A-Side winners applauded by opposing teams and supporters.

Leigh Road Baptist Football Club claimed their rightful place as church 5-A-Side champions last weekend (Saturday 1st July) as they saw off competition. Over twenty seven games were played in temperatures above 30 C in the third annual Leigh Road Baptist Church Love Southend 5-A-Side tournament held at Glebe Junior School in Rayleigh.

The tournament saw six teams from Leigh Road Baptist Church including LRBC FC, LRBC Dads, LRBC Badminton A & B, LRBC Youth Groups and LRBC Boys Brigade battle it out to be crowned champions. LRBC FC were the eventual winners after beating LRBC Boys Brigade in the final 1-0 from a controversial penalty. This has put the the champions in good spirits for possible success in Manchester this July as they travel to compete in the National Christian Football Festival against church teams from across the UK.

Event organiser and church member Alan Cook said, “The World Cup has really got people into the football spirit so it was a great day, with many supporters coming along to cheer on the teams. It was a closely fought contest with LRBC FC eventually winning through a penalty, their opponents BB must know how England felt going out on penalties!”

Football is just one of a number of sports events organised by Leigh Road Baptist Church, including Golf, Badminton, Keep Fit, Skiing, Fitness Training and Tennis. To find out more about life at Leigh Road Baptist Church, please visit our church website on which has a special area dedicated to our sporting exploits which are open to all. For more info on Love Southend visit

Final training before Manchester

Hi Guys

First things first. Training is on on Saturday 15th July 06, and I expect you ALL to be there. There is so much we need to discuss that this is essential. It will be at Leigh Fire Station at 10am. Anyone not coming along needs a siigned note from their parents!!

Secondly we have travel arrangements to discuss. We are not going to be unable to get a minibus this year, and so we are going to have to travel in seperate cars. I need volunteers to drive really, with the petrol costs obviously being split.

Richard has already volunteered to drive, and will be setting off at 6pm-ish. He can take 4 in his car at a push. I dont have a car so that rules me out. We will need another 2 cars, with at least one leaving at lunchtime-ish, and maybe both then depending on preferences.

Please can everyone confirm ASAP whether they can or cannot drive, and the time they would prefer to leave. If you are getting there by any other means then please let me know.

Thanks Chaps and see you ALL on Saturday. This is with the exception of Martin who is obviously in Manchester and this is just about a good enough excuse.

Your Manager